SZ Herculi Plot 7-21-07 annotated  Light curve plot of eclipsing binary SZ Herculi 7-21-2007 070929 HD189733-Exoplanet CIZ  Light curve and losses plots that detect expolanet around star HD 189733 9-29-2007 070817 TrES-2 Light Curve  Light curve that detect exoplanet TrES-2 8/18/2007 Scienc1  Differential analysis of exoplanet TrES-2 raw data against two reference stars (GSC 3549-2811 and GSC 3549-2716)
130817 Nova Delphinus LRGB 10x5sec DBE BN CC TGV HT  Nova in Delphinus (The Dolphin) on 8/17/13. Total of 200 seconds of data composed of 50 seconds each through Luminance, Red, Green and Blue filters. BRUTUS6852 3 Cropped Annotated 1x300sec  Supernova in Mrk 842 On July 12, 2014 at the Columbus Astronomical Society meeting OSU researcher Dr. K. Stanek gave a presentation about the All Sky Survey project named ASAS-SN.  After the meeting Dr. Stanek and I talked and I offered my assistance to collaborate on the project.   I never thought that results would materialize this quickly!  Three days after the CAS meeting I received a request from Dr. Stanek to check a transient event that they had detected with their equipment in Hawaii.  It happened to be clear that night so I went to the Hut and took a few 300 sec and 600 sec images.   When I looked at the first 300 sec image the supernova was very evident!   I quickly "processed" the image with PixInsight by just stretching it and sent it over.   This image provided confirmation of a supernova in Mrk 842 a distant galaxy near the constellation of Bootes!   Here is the Astronomer's Telegram: with my name as the second. :) Science! Brutus6863 3 Cruz L cropped annotated  Another supernova co-discovery!  This is my second supernova confirmation as part of the ASAS-SN team.  On the evening of July 24 I was able to image this supernova that just appeared in a very faint galaxy between the constellation of Bootes and the Big Dipper asterism. Brutus6885 14 Cruz L cropped 6x300sec annotated  On August 16, 2014 I got credited for discovering another supernova! This has been designated as ASASSN-14fo and is in a tiny galaxy located in the constellation of Aquila (The Eagle). That Friday night as soon as it got dark I checked on a transient near Arcturus that was reported earlier but very quickly was evident that there was nothing there.   When I was sending the email telling of the negative detection I saw that a new transient had been detected.  I immediately checked if it was above the horizon and it was!  I took an image and the SN was quite evident.   I sent and email with a screen shot and nabbed the discovery!  :)   Just 8 minutes later another amateur astronomer from France posted his email.  That was really close! Here's the discovery ATel: