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20150716 Pluto 1x60 Annotated cr  On July 16, 2015 as the New Horizons craft passed closest to Pluto we had a rare clear night in Central Ohio.  That allowed me to take this image of the furthest planet of our Solar System, Pluto.  It is currently passing through the constellation of Sagittarius.  It took just a 1 minute exposure through the Planewave CDK-17 and with my Apogee CG-16M CCD camera. Processing consisted of a simple histogram stretch, plate solving and annotation with PixInsight.  Date:9/29/14 Location: Hutville, OH Mount: Paramount ME Camera: Apogee CG16M Optics: Planewave CDK-17 Exposure: L = 1x60 secs Processing: PixInsight